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Titanium Supplier - Ti 64, Ti 6242, Ti 662, Ti 64 ELI

Alloy Metals Co. (AMC) is a California based distributor of a variety of titanium products. These products are made in the forms of titanium plates, sheets, and bars. As a full-line titanium distributor, AMC is a leading supplier for both commercial and aerospace grade titanium as well as stainless steel, alloy steel, nickel alloys, and aluminum. We were founded in 2014 and come with 30 years of experience in the aerospace industry.

Titanium Plate Supplier

Titanium plates come in a variety of forms that are useful for cutting to shape. A variety of thicknesses can be used in a structural setting. Titanium plates sizes, mostly due to their thickness, makes them less ideal for bending or shaping them in any other way apart from simply cutting them to size. Useful for even high-speed jets, these Titanium plates can be easily made into the moving parts for a plane or cut for making propellers and other thin pieces. Review our specifications and other information to select the grade, thickness, length, and width.


Titanium Bar Supplier

Titanium bars are useful for many reasons, regulated in size for easy transport, storage, and machining. Titanium Bars are formed by hot forging followed by a sequence of hot rolling, polishing the material, machining, extrusion, casting, welding, and even spinning the materials for aerospace, automotive, agricultural, dental and medical, and food processing use, amongst more. Titanium bars deliver quality bulk material for further refinement per need. Review our specifications and other information to select the grade, diameter, and random length.


Titanium Sheet Supplier

Similar to Titanium plate, Titanium sheet comes in a multitude of grades and thicknesses depending on the application and specifications. Due to the nature of Titanium alloy and its inherent strength, it is more ideal to cut the Titanium sheet the same way a Titanium plate would be cut for application in many projects. Titanium sheets, however, may be useful for bending and shaping in a way to create a skin on an aircraft or submarine, for example, as titanium alloy - the form of a titanium sheet - is more likely to be the most flexible and ductile out of the other products out on the market today. Review our specifications and other information to select the grade, thickness, length, and width.


Titanium Bar, Sheets & Plate

This product is an excellent choice for a variety of functions considering it is actually 30% stronger than steel with only half of its weight. Although light, it's more than twice the density of aluminum but for an offset of twice its strength. Furthermore, it's ideal for high-heat scenarios as this product is able to retain its strength when subjected to a full 1,000 degrees F. It also resists corrosion well, capable of forming an oxide film against salt water and other intrusion when exposed to the atmosphere. From simple infrastructure to advanced aviation, anti-corrosive properties are undoubtedly a desirable factor.
This lightweight metal is comprised of aluminum in addition to iron, manganese, molybdenum, and additives to guarantee strong performance in strength and under high temperature conditions. It is light compared to other metallic products that may have a similar or even lesser performance rate. The 1950s favored this alloy as the production lines in this industry kicked off to support aerospace development. Useful in structural components, outer skins to protect frames, and various engineered internal systems favor this alloy - especially for space exploration development.
We sell a variety of excellent quality products that can be used in the production of a plane's structural components, wing components, door components, landing gear, and engine parts as well as medical equipment, shipbuilding, and other applications dealing with hypoallergenic or corrosive environments. The alloys available at Alloy Metals Supplier include Ti 64, Ti 6242, Ti 662, and TI 64 ELI. For this alloy in particular, we offer plate, sheet, and bar forms.

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