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Inconel 625, 718, AMS 5662, AMS 5663, AMS 5666

Alloy Metals Co. (AMC) is a California based distributor of a variety of nickel alloy products. These products are made in the forms of plates and sheets. As a full-line Nickel Distributor, AMC is a leading supplier for both commercial and aerospace-grade Nickel Alloys as well as alloy steels, stainless steel, and titanium. We were founded in 2014 and come with 30 years of experience in the aerospace industry.

Nickel Supplier & Distributor

Nickel comes in a variety of formulations, so the exact kind of nickel alloy will make a difference. These alloys contain a variety of other metals and in different proportions. For example, they include often quantities of chromium, copper, iron, and molybdenum. These components contribute to the nickel's ability to resist high-temperature by demonstrating resistance to it, resistance to high corrosion, and holding a low coefficient of expansion which means they retain a good shape memory. These subtle differences can have large impacts on the highly regulated field of aviation and manufacturing. Comparing nickel alloys to products such as aluminum will demonstrate a widely different scale of applications due to inherent properties. That is why nickel alloys have been developed to address specific needs. While these alloys may be heavier than the aluminum, their high strength property and effectiveness against high temperatures are a major bonus for the aerospace design industry.
This product is a nickel alloy that contains additives like chromium and iron to help with corrosive resistance as well as to add to its various strengths. Due to the chromium content, stainless steel has a resistance to the formation of ferric oxide. The film it forms protects it from corrosion and even lends it to a process of self-healing when exposed to oxygen. The nitrogen content also assists in preventing pitting. To eventually come up with this alloy, it began with a place where nickel was largely used first for currency and other applications before being blended with other materials to create a hardy but lighter material. There are also a lot of electromagnetic applications that nickel can be used in, and it is known to make a fine mesh as well. Unfortunately, there are too some incidents in which nickel can be toxic and so its use is typically regulated to ensure it does not absorb into the bloodstream in combination with another element which can create a form of combustion. Since nickel alloys began being mass-produced for construction and large applications, there have been other purposes discovered, namely in its use in the aerospace industry.

Various Nickel Alloy Series

There are several kinds of nickel products. There are wrought nickel products such as UNS N02200 which is favored by the chemical industry for corrosion resistance properties, especially resistance to alkalis. This kind of product is useful for protecting against the interference of electromagnetic characteristics and therefore can be found in transducers. Another kind is nickel-iron alloys which are soft magnetics and can be used for seals between glass and metal as well as other applications affected by thermal expansion. Nickel-copper alloys on the other hand are also very strong against corrosion by alkaline solutions, seawater, and non-oxidizing salts. The Alloy 400 series is the best known of this group. Then there are the nickel-molybdenum alloys that resist acids without oxidizing ions like ferric, cupric, or dissolved oxygen. The best example in that group is Alloy B-2.
Nickel-chromium alloys work at normal and high temperatures to resist corrosion, they resist electricity well, and they have high strength performance even in high temperatures. These alloys are typically classified amongst three Ni-Cr subcategories. Nickel-chromium-iron alloys have two subcategories, Alloy 800 and related as well as Alloy 825 and related. Nickel-chromium-molybdenum alloys resist acid especially well. Nickel-chromium-cobalt alloys are notorious for strength resistance against creep-ruptures and high-temperature corrosion cracks. Finally, nickel-titanium alloys (such as Nitinol) use shape-memory properties to add positive effects in the construction of earthquake resistance in historic stone buildings, constructing spectacle frames, and utilization in medical devices and specialized connectors between applications.
At AMC, we sell a variety of excellent quality products that can be used in the production of a wide range of parts in a plane according to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). These aircraft parts include structural components as well as machined parts as needed. The kinds are available at AMC fall between various specifications such as AMS 5662, AMS 5663, AMS 5664, AMS 5596, AMS 5732, and AMS 5727. As a nickel distributor, we also provide Inco 718, B50TF15, ASTM-B-637, A286, ASTM-A-453, and GRADE 660 CL B. For this metal, in particular, we offer nickel alloy sheet and nickel alloy plate forms.

Nickel Alloy Plate

These plates come in a variety of forms that are useful for several products depending on the need. They are commonly used for various applications in aerospace engineering, including plane materials. Review our specifications and other information to select the grade, thickness, length, and width.

Nickel Alloy Sheet

Similar to a plate, a sheet of this alloy is even thinner and therefore more flexible. It is favored for its ability to resist rust as well as its strength; therefore, sheet material is great for aircraft exterior purposes amongst other applications. Review our specifications and other information to select the grade, thickness, length, and width.
  • A-286: AMS-5525 / AMS-5731 / AMS-5732 / AMS-5734 / AMS-5737
  • Hastelloy C*: AMS-5530 / AMS-5750
  • Hastelloy X*: AMS-5536 / B50TF24 / B50TF25 / PWA-1038
  • Haynes 188*: AMS-5608 / PWA-1042 / B50TF74
  • Incoloy 800*: AMS-5871 / ASTMB409 / ASTUM B-408
  • Inconel 600-2: AMS-5540 / AMS-5665
  • Inconel 617-2: AMS-5888 / AMS-5889 /PWA-1165/ B50TF181
  • Inconel 625-2: AMS-5599 / AMS-5666
  • Inconel 718-2: AMS-5596 / AMS-5597 / B50TF14 / AMS-5662 / AMS-5663 / AMS-5664 / B50TF15
  • Inconel 722-2: AMS-5541 / B50T73 / AMS5714
  • Inconel X-750-2: AMS-5542 / AMS-5598 / AMS-5667 / AMS-5668 / AMS-5670
  • L-605, Haynes 25*: AMS-5537 / AMS-5759
  • N-155,Multimet*: AMS-5532 / AMS-5768 / AMS-5769
  • Nickel 200: ASTM-B162 / ASTM-B160
  • Nickel 201: AMS-5553
  • Monel 400-2: AMS-4544 / ASTM B127 / QQN281 / ASTIM B-164
  • Rene 41: AMS-5545 / B50TF76 / B50TF109 / AMS-5712 / B50TF75
  • Waspaloy-1: AMS-5544 / AMS5704
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