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AMS 4911 Characteristics

AMS 4911 titanium

AMS 4911 titanium comes in various forms in plates, sheets, and strips with the latest version being the AMS 4911R. With great uses in the engineering and aerospace industries, the AMS 911 is versatile and can be altered to different compositions to serve the specific purpose intended for use.

Specifications of the AMS 4911

The AMS 4911 can be forged from the 6AL-4AV alloyed titanium up to the Grade 5 titanium plate. The chemical composition of the AMS 4911 consist of standard properties which include aluminum 5.50-6.75%, vanadium 3.5-4.5%, carbon 0.08%, oxygen 0.2%, nitrogen 0.05%, and hydrogen 0.0125%, all structured depending on the uses of the final product. With a high melting range of up to 3020°F, the AMS 4911 can be manipulated to various products with increased hardness and weldability due to the presence of aluminum and vanadium.

Physical properties of the AMS 4911

The AMS 4911 is considered as one of the most flexible titanium products due to its ability to bend and shape in any way. As part of the Titanium 6AL-4V family, the nature of the sheet can be cut in any direction for application in various projects. The AMS 4911 is rustproof and can be found in two grades, grade 1 and grade 2. The AMS 4911 also comes in a rugged design that adjusts its aesthetic look.

Tensile properties of the AMS 4911

With minimums of 125 KSI and 115 KSI in yield, the AMS 4911 highly contribute to its strength. However, the tensile properties vary depending on thickness, orientation, and engineering requirements. The AMS 4911 is also corrosion resistant to most products to boiling point.

Required certification tests

There are standard certification tests that are required for the AMS 4911. For instance, each new version should go through a bend test to ascertain flexibility to the required degree. The chemical composition is also tested to guarantee the proper balance of the required metals. The AMS 4911 also undergoes surface contamination to ensure a balanced product. The Alloy Metals Company spokesperson says, “The AMS 4911 is specially designed for use in various fields. Our quality controllers from the manufacturers also guarantee consumers receive the best titanium products.”

Applications of the AMS 4911

Due to the hardness of the material due to the alloy components, the AMS 4911 boasts spectacular mechanical and physical properties which enables usage in a wide range of fields. This includes usage in the aerospace industry such as compressor blades, rotor hubs for helicopters, rings, and discs for jet engines and airframe components. Medical and dental implants, sporting equipment use the AMS 4911 model.

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