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7 Uses of the Stainless-Steel Plate

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Most individuals when discussing stainless steel associate, the steel plates that are produced by manufacturers as standard kitchen equipment. Pots, pans, baking sheets, and even muffin tins that are made of stainless steel have longevity in kitchenware. What is not known is that the term “plate” in stainless steel does apply to many industries and uses and means a sheet of stainless-steel.

Use of stainless-steel plate in medical

Medical uses of stainless-steel plate abound. From the operating tables and trays, to implants within the body, stainless steel plate is used. Many times, it is mixed with titanium, as the pairing of these two metals makes for non-corrosiveness of a high caliber. Any type of corrosiveness that occurs within a body or on forceps, operating tables, or even beds within a hospital can cause infection. Stainless steel plate can be brilliant or dull depending upon the medical usage. Dental equipment is also produced from stainless steel and mixed durable metals as no dentist wants a forceps that snaps in half while extracting a tooth. The trays used by the dental profession are much like the trays used by the medical profession and do contain stainless steel plate but are mixed with titanium for luster. Stainless steel plate screws are used in both medical and dental implants. Syringes are stainless steel plate as are catheters, at least a portion of both. The anti-microbial properties are also sought by the medical and dental fields. Stainless-steel plate is easy to sterilize, and all types of MRI and CT equipment contains it in all hospitals and doctors’ offices. Even kidney dishes are more stainless-steel plate than any other compound.

Use of stainless-steel plate in transportation

Whether a passenger train, or a freight train, stainless steel plate is a primary component in its construction. While passenger trains may use other metals such as titanium or other alloys to achieve a higher speed, and a lighter transportation car, freight trains look bulky and are slower in travel time as the strength of stainless-steel plate is needed to preserve the goods being transported. Freight trains also have a more challenging time coming to a quick stop because of their superior size and strength that is imparted from stainless steel plate.

Use of stainless-steel plate in the culinary field

Restaurants have always paid top dollar for pots, pans, and other cooking utensils such as baking sheets, ladles, spatulas, and other equipment for a good reason. Any cookware that is stainless steel plate is meant to be used hard and for extended periods. Investing in a better product with a longer lifespan is what is demanded by many in the culinary industry. This trend is also now seen in the private cooking arena where individuals want kitchen equipment that lasts. Appliances also have a great deal of stainless-steel sheet used in the production, and this includes, stoves, sinks, dishwashers, and even washers and dryers. For brilliance, sinks may also be coated with titanium, as can stainless-steel refrigerators. The trend towards stainless-steel appliances continues unabated whether commercial usage or residential usage.

Use of stainless-steel plate in jewelry

Surprisingly enough, there are also stainless-steel jewelry manufacturers who produce the jewelry through the steel plate process. This jewelry is both sturdy, shiny, and durable and resembles white gold. This production is very exacting with small and precise standards and features. Once produced however, many types of jewelry can be made from each sheet of the steel plate. As prices of gold rose significantly over the years, especially in white gold jewelry, many individuals discovered the beauty of stainless-steel plate jewelry which resembles white gold to a point where most individuals cannot tell the difference. Once seen as a “cheap” alternative to white gold jewelry and not featured in many departments’ stores, it is now a mainstay in jewelry as it is also hypo-allergenic and a suitable alternative to silver jewelry also. Stainless-steel plate jewelry can be seen in earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and even nose rings, as it is also anti-microbial and again, easily sterilized and cleaned. It also is not tarnished even when worn for extended periods of time.

Use of stainless-steel plate by energy producers

Oil and gas companies need reliable and safe equipment and containers that are strong enough to contain the caustic liquids and the fumes. Super duplex stainless-steel plate is used for offshore drilling equipment and storage, and to prevent seepage of any type in faulty containers. Crude oil production and large oil rigs require what is called Super Strength Steel as these do need heavy equipment and containers and pipelines that are seepage free. Gas and oil are both caustic and deadly when mishandled. Green energy producers also invest in stainless-steel plate as they do also need non-corrosive metals which can withstand sea water and all the other elements like high winds and snow.

The use of stainless-steel plate in automotive

Stainless steel plate has been used extensively in automotive manufacturing for decades, but with the advent of newer, lighter materials fell out of favor with the auto industry for a bit. However, it was still used in exhausts and grills on cars and trucks and is now coming back into favor as society now is focused more on carbon emissions than speed. Stainless-steel plate parts do cut back on carbon emissions and an evolution towards slower, heavier cars is in the making currently.

Everyday uses of stainless-steel plate

Most individuals are not even aware of the stainless-steel plate products that surround everyone. From bathroom tweezers to toenail clippers, and everyday scissors, stainless-steel plate exists. Kitchen knives are made of this sturdy metal and even the can opener that sits in each kitchen has at least some stainless-steel plate. Hooks on doors, doorknobs, house keys, car keys, and almost everything that surrounds humans has some portion of stainless-steel plate within it. It is an older metal in use for decades now and becomes even more useful with time.

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